Tuesday, December 12, 2017
UAE Rides

UAE Rides

This section covers motorcycle rides in the UAE. We share routes, photos and experiences from our short as well as extended rides around the country.


Getting Ready For Winter Off-Road Rides

Winter is coming, and that means just one thing for all of us who ride here, it’s time to head out on those long...

Getting Better At Off-Roading On The BMW R1200GS

If you'd told me three years ago that I'd be riding a BMW R1200GS that way I currently am, I'd have a hard time...

BMW R1200GS And R1200GSA On Sand

Over the last three years that I’ve owned a BMW R1200GS in Dubai, UAE, I’ve tried to tackle a lot of different terrains that...

Off-Road Riding In Ras Al Khaimah

Winter is a fantastic time to ride off-road in the UAE. Surprisingly, due to one reason or another, I didn't see dirt for almost...

Out Riding With Motoventure On Christini AWD Motorcycles

The more time I spend riding a Christini AWD motorcycle, the more I begin to like it for all the right reasons. Being a...

Riding To Khasab, Oman

Winter is a busy time for us motorcyclists in the UAE. The mercury drops down quite a bit and it’s a wonderful reprieve from...

Christini AWD Motorcycle Rental Tours In Dubai With Motoventure

I've been riding in the UAE for almost three years now and I've never ventured off into the desert on a proper motocross motorcycle....

Trying To Get Lost

While we were planning our latest ride, one of the riders came up with the idea of just getting lost. That became the theme...

Off-Road Around The Hills In Fili And Malaiha

One thing is for sure, there will be more off-road rides coming up now that the weather is getting better. Early mornings are now...

VIDEOS: Off-road Adventure Rides In The UAE

Here are some videos of our off-road rides in the UAE. Videos are shot using a DLSR and a GoPro Hero HD camera.    

GALLERY: Off-road Adventure Rides In The UAE

Here are some photos from some of our off-road adventure rides in the UAE. I wish I could take the camera more often but...