The sad part is, I still haven’t managed to locate an authorised dealer for SHOEI in Dubai or the UAE. The good news is, SHOEI has recently announced a brand new range of graphics for 2015, so its off to your favourite gear website if you plan to buy one.

This update has come at a time when I was planning to buy a new helmet. Ordering helmets online has its perils, especially when returning them due to wrong size is a big issue. However, I’ve ordered four helmets online in the last two years and all of them have been spot on so I might as well take a risk again.

Here is an official SHOEI Press Release:

Everyone at SHOEI has a meticulous attention to detail. This characteristic shines through when looking at the finished products. Everything from the handcrafted shell, to the 7 stage paint process and final assembly requires highly skilled technicians and rigorous quality control check points. No stone is left unturned when developing and producing the world’s premier motorcycle helmet.

Moichi Tsuzuki, SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp. President: “Selecting the graphics for the new seasons is always a big challenge. It’s difficult to find a good mix and appeal to all those different riders out there but I believe SHOEI has done a great job selecting a wide range of styles that our fans will be excited to see.”


Trajectory TC-1, TC-2, & TC-5

This graphic was worn by Danny Eslick during his 2014 AMA Daytona Sportbike season on board his Riders Discount Triumph and was first seen on the top step of the podium at this year’s Daytona 200. It is a sleek matte finish and offered in three colorways.

MSRP: $807.99


Cog TC-9:

This unique graphic will be offered in a gloss finish and is a nice addition to our GT-Air line up. There are many small details that will keep someone staring at it for hours.

MSRP: $670.99


Has the mythical Phoenix on both sides and is a high gloss finish. The fire breathing creature complements the design of this helmet and it is offered in two color ways.

MSRP: $670.99


This graphic has a very detailed ornate design. It also comes in a high gloss finish and with color changing accents; it really adds more depth to the design.

MSRP: $670.99



Cruise TC-1, TC-5:

Has a 50’s style to it and resembles some unique traits from some iconic American cars. It comes in a high gloss finish and available in two color ways.

MSRP: $589.99

2015-shoei-brigand-helmetBrigand TC-5:

Has a tough tattoo style to it, skull, rose and spider webs and a sleek matte finish to top it off.

MSRP: $589.99

Terminus TC-5:

Has a black & gold theme with some checkered pattern over the top. This design also comes in a sleek matte finish and also has a rough and worn look to it.

MSRP: $589.99

shoei-rf-1200-helmetGraffitti TC-6:

The name says it all. Created by a young SHOEI designer, this edgy design has amazing colors and intricate details all around. Offered in a high gloss finish this one will stand out from the line up.

MSRP: $589.99


Banner TC-1:

This helmet is our latest design for all those patriotic motorcycles riders out there. This sporty graphic comes in a high gloss finish.

MSRP: $492.99

shoei-helmet-2015-quest– Resolute TC-5:

Has a military theme for all those vets and proud supporters of our military. It has a metallic silver base with the large star on the side and digital camouflage on the chin bar. This graphic is available in the sleek matte finish.

MSRP: $492.99


shoei-helmet-2015-vfx-w Block-Pass TC-1, TC-2, & TC-5

Is SHOEI’s latest sport graphic for the off-road helmet. It comes in a high gloss finish and three different color ways to appeal to all those different brands of riders out there.

MSRP: $613.99

shoei-helmet-2015-vfx-wMaelstrom TC-1, TC-4, & TC-8:

Has a very aggressive and vibrant theme. This new design will definitely stand out from some of the other graphics. This one comes in the high gloss finish and also in three different color ways to appeal to a wide variety of riders.

MSRP: $613.99


Grant2 TC-1 & TC-3:

Supercross and Motocross fan favorite Josh Grant first used this new design earlier this year in competition and SHOEI is proud to add this to the 2015 lineup. Features include a dreamcatcher on the top with feathers down the chin bar and the Kanji character meaning “dream” on the right side. This vibrant race replica comes in the high gloss finish.

MSRP: $654.99

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